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This page deals with issues that affect the operation of an accommodation business including mandatory licencing and other business compliance. There are issues that are currently being dealt with by the divisional committees of Hosted Accommodation Australia. Typical topics are: Food Safety, Planning Permission, Safe Drinking Water, Building Codes, Liquor Licensing, Occupational Health and Safety, Electrical Safety, Fire Safety.


 23 September 2009  National  Regulation of Food. Comment on four possible changes to the Standards Code of FSANZ  Submission Information
December 2009 Northern Territory The current NT Planning Act was revised in 2006 but the section relating to Bed & Breakfasts was remains unchanged, ie the number of guests is limited to 5. BBFAA has lobbied against the revision because of the definition.  
December 2009 Northern Territory Disabled Access.BBFAA is investigate a provision in the Building code of Australia which nominates a threshold for disabled access of 4 rooms. If this is so, B&B operators would not be able to provide disabled access  
 January 2010  Victoria 400% increase in renewal fee of a B&B Liquor Licence (Limited Licence) for business owners who offer a complimentary alcoholic drink, viz: wine, sherry, port etc.   BBFAA Action
June 2010 Victoria Following consultation by BBFAA with the Consumer Affairs Minister, Tony Robinson and his department, the Victorian State Government has announced that from January 2011 Victorian B&Bs accommodating a maximum of eight guests will be exempt from holding a liquor licence. BBFAA Media Release
September 2010 Victoria The Victorian State Government has announced that B&Bs that will be exempt from holding a liquor licence from January 2011  FAQs
November 2010 Victoria Amendments to the Food Act in Victoria have resulted in some instances in substantial increases in food registration fees. BBFAA has met with officers of the Department discuss the situation and has agreed on positive action to address member concerns. Food Safety Programs and Templates
December 2010 Western Australia Amendments to the Food Act in WA have resulted in barring animals from food registered premises, including B&Bs. Alfresco cafes and other outlets are taking up the issue. BBFAA will keep members informed.  
January 2011 Victoria The change in Government in Victoria has resulted in a review of liquor licence fees. The fee for member properties who do not conform to criteria for exemption has still to be discussed with the department. BBFAA will keep members informed. Media Release 11 Jan 2011
October 2011 National Australian Building Code. Access for People with a Disability. From May 2011 all renovations and new builds requiring a Building Permit must now provide for access for people with a disability. On 25 October 2011, Hosted Accommodation Australia Ltd will meet with representatives of the Victorian Building Commission, the Master Builders Association, the Association of Building Surveyors and other key organisations to discuss the impact that this Code is having on our industry.  
November 2011 Northern Territory A delegation from Hosted Accommodation Australia is meeting with the Northern Territory Government over its recent determination of what constitutes a B&B in the Territory.  
November 2011 Victoria Representatives of Hosted Accommodation Australia will make a presentation on behalf of the industry at a Department of Health workshop attended by environmental health officers. The topic will be the disparity in the level of risk for bed and breakfasts in class 2 compared with other types of businesess such as restaurants and takeaways. Council imposed registration fees and inspection policies for micro businesses will also be discussed.  

If you wish to have an issue raised at committee level please write to with details of your concern and the state or territory in which this is an issue





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