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Days away from the Launch of your new Marketing Website

Members: General News: 11/1/2012

We are just days away from the launch of the brand new Hosted Accommodation Australia consumer website.
The information in your listing will automatically transfer to the new website, but you now have the ability to display so much more. We have edited the guidelines to match the editing page for clarification. Download guidelines here
Please pay particular attention to updating your tariff. The tariff you display will be for the equivalent of one night for a couple.
Images: We recommend that you submit your addtional images separately. If a problems occurs it is usually  because one of the images is too large. Please follow the guidelines carefully.
Enter your favourite guest reviews and link to any media reviews you may have. List major or notable events that occur in your location.
A number of members have found time over this busy period to log on to the new editing page and prepare their listing for the launch. These changes won't be visible until the new website goes live and you can see just how they display.
Just a reminder - please do not enter your copy in capital letters.
  • It's not appropriate
  • It's not professional
  • It does nothing to emphasise your message, and
  • It is very difficult to read.
Capital letters should be kept for the intended purpose, such as to commence a sentence and for proper nouns. When you write in all capital letters you are deemed to be SHOUTING at your reader. We reserve the right to edit listings that contain copy written in capital letters.


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