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Last Minute Vacancies

Members: General News: 28/3/2012

People are looking now for last minute vacancies for accommodation over Easter.
To provide a service for members who have availability leading up to Easter 2012 and other high seasons, a 'Last Minute Vacancies' button has been added to the 'Hot Deals' section in the home page of the new Hosted Accommodation Australia CONSUMER WEBSITE.  
The button has two purposes:
1. SPECIAL EVENT: You can advertise for up to 30 days availability you may have leading up to a high season (Christmas, Easter, etc) or for an event in your locality where people are seeking accommodation, such as the Tour Down Under, wine or music festivals, Floriade, etc.
2. ORDINARY WEEKEND: If you have availability for a forthcoming weekend, you can advertise up to 7 days prior.
  1. Go to the Member Login and enter your email address and password.
  2. Click on the Edit YourProperty Listing link in the left column
  3. Scroll down to Hot Deal 5 "Last Minute Vacancies"
  4. Tick Yes
  5. Select either Event or Ordinary Weekend
  6. If you are advertising availability for an Event, enter the Event Name
  7. Enter the details of your availability in the Terms and Conditions field, e.g. the dates of the nights available and how many rooms you can be booked. You may also wish to add a discounted rate for the last minute availability. That's your choice.
  8. If you have selected Ordinary Weekend the end date will automatically be a maximum of 7 days. If you have ticked an Event you enter the final date you have availaibility or of the event, or for Christmas that would be the date of Boxing Day, for Easter that would be Easter Tuesday. For events you will not be able to advertise beyond 30 days.

While you are logged in, make sure other information in your listing is correct, especially your current tariff. And, if you have not already done so please reload your images so that they display correctly on the new website. You can also add any others as you now have a gallery of up to 15.  Download the Editing Guidelines to assist you.





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