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Preparing for the Hosted Accommodation Australia Marketing Website

Members: General News: 23/12/2011

Information and guidelines for updating listings in preparation for the launch of the new marketing website in mid January were emailed to members on 19 December. However, a number of emails bounced back. If you diid not receive your email, please check your spam or delete box. If the email is not there, please contact the office to ensure that we have a current email address for you.
Updating your listing: The editing page is now very long to accommodate all the new features. We recommend that you update your listing a section at a time, clicking on submit between updates. That way, if by chance your data is not saved on submitting it, you won't lose a full page of work.
Description: If you are making major changes to your description we strongly recommend that you draft it in your word processor and cut and paste into your editing page.
Images: The Christmas/New Year period is an excellent time to take new photos for your expanded gallery of up to 15 images. Only horizontal (or landscape) shots are suitable. It is recommended that you upload and submit three images at a time to your website listing. The image will not appear as you are editing, but they will appear in your editing page after you have submitted your changes and gone back into the listing page to resume editing.
Calendars: These have been replaced by an Availability Check facility on the new website.  For this reason, the ability to update the calendar on the current site was removed.  However, at the request of members who wished to continue to display and edit their calendar with current bookings over the Christmas and New Year period, we have restored the calendars and the updating link until the new website is live online.
The Hosted Accommodation Australia Office is happy to assist you if you have queries, however it will close today
23 December, at 5pm ESST and reopen for business on Monday 9 January.
1. Data you enter into new fields on your editing page will not display until the new website goes live.
2. The optional calendar has been replaced by a 'Check Availability' form. If your listing is displaying a calendar it cannot now be edited.


Your listing on the new website consists of 7 unique pages:
1. Overview
2. Accommodation
3. Gallery
4. Map
5. Hot Deals
6. What's On
7. Reviews


New Features:
Sub-Region: Your listing will display both your State Tourism Authority's designated tourism region and your local marketing if you have one.
TQUAL: Members who are assessed by AAA Tourism as eligible for TQUAL accreditation under their program can now add the TQUAL logo to their listing.
Accommodation Details:
Accommodation Type 1 and Accommodation Type 2: We have tidied up this section to make it more informative. We have also reduced the number of accommodation types by consolidating them into more easily understood terms. Yours may have changed in this process. Please check.
Activities on or near the Property: You can add up to 12.
WiFi Access: A new display for members who provide this facility.
Gallery: You can now display up to 15 images (previously 3). Please follow the guidelines for shape and size of images.
Hot Deals: This new feature will be displayed prominently on the website Home page. You can list your business for any of the four set 'specials' or develop your own. Your own listing will have a Hot Deals page to display your current specials.
Social Media Links: Link to your social media pages and also your Youtube or Virtual Tour


The following links are also on your login landing page, beneath the link to the editing page:
Add Guest Reviews: (Max 8)
Add Media Reviews: (Max 8)
Add Event (Max 8) This page on your listing should feature any annual or other event that occurs in your locality.


As before, you can log in at any time to edit your listing.


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