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Progressive Review of the New Hosted Accommodation Australia Websites

Members: General News: 28/8/2012

Six months after the official launch of the two new Hosted Accommodation Australia websites, we have conducted a thorough review with our SEO and webmaster to establish how the sites are being used by visitors, and to consider what amendments and additions need to be made.
Google analytics revealed that since the official launch of the consumer website in March -
  • Visits from Asia and in particular, Singapore, were up by 50%. The USA continued to be flat, but the UK and Europe are steadily picking up.
  • A significant number of visitors to the member listings, click on the Quality Assured link on the left of the screen and view the Hosted Accommodation Australia code of conduct. 
  • The consumer website averages 6,349 visits per month
  • 7,000 people viewed the website from their mobile phone since March
A Hosted Accommodation Australia mobile website is under development as a priority.
The main changes to the consumer website that you will see will be -
  • Buttons on the masthead and within the home page will be moved to facilitate the way in which visitors are searching. This will also increase ways in which your business will be found
  • Display of the 'Hot Deals' will be revised so that they can be more easily searched by State and Region
  • There will be minor changes to the layout of the Member listings to improve them for visitors - this will not necessitate any action on your part, other than to load information that will better promote your property and to keep your information up to date
  • To assist you in editing your listing we are making the process much easier and will be developing short video guides to go with the changes
By frequently updating your listing you are helping to keep the website current and improve its rankings.
Templates are being developed by our SEO to replace the old divisional websites which need to be kept for the number of referrals they continue to generate. The templates will also be used for new Farmstay and Gift Voucher portals.
Google analytics revealed that the corporate website receives a significant number of visits from people who are seeking information on setting up a business.
The corporate website will also undergo revisions.
All the work is being undertaken by our webmaster and is overseen by our SEO to maximise the rankings of the two websites. Both sites will continue to be kept current and their performance continuously monitored.


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